Angie’s List For Plumbers

“Angie’s List” – snow removal, plumbers, etc. How can we assure that the laity are involved and informed throughout the planning process? Ensure opportunities for discussion with laity, priest, Archdiocese – “not in a vacuum.”

Like Angie's List in helping them understand the importance of our license number and the requirement to use it in advertising. who advertise as plumbers. This past week the City of Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement worked with Angie's List and

HVAC mechanics, solar installers, and plumbers: 1) Angie’s List, Wisconsin Court System database (CCAP) included on a Participating Contractor reference list on the Green Madison program website.

As Angie’s list for referrals. Call references Ask contractors for customer references and call them. Ask about the contractor’s installation practices, and plumbers. General contractors often subcontract specialty jobs to other pros.

Angie’s List offers subscribers consumer recommendations on everything from doctors to plumbers. There are also sites that post comments on dentists, doctors, lawyers and other professionals. Find out which apply to your


Angie’s List also offers paid advertising for companies that meet their requirements. This can be a very effective means of generating calls from high directories that specialize in contractors or plumbers, electricians, etc. Then, the

Angie’s List Reviews – A Rating for 10 out of 13 Responses, which 3 ranked as Pages of Licensed and bonded electricians and plumbers work regularly under the guidance of our lead carpenters •! All employees of Imperial,

O Angie’s List – specializes in service industry/plumbers, etc… Other modes of online customer service: o Post relevant content where you audience wants to see it! o They will respond and buy! Review

Angie’s List 101 3 Membership Growth 4 Acquiring Members 5 The Categories 6 Member Profile 7 Media Comparison 8 Spending Habits 9 2009 Media Kit. 2 Yes, there’s categories including plumbers, painters, mechanics, dentists, doctors and more.